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We usually don’t start our “Best Of Asheville” with facts, but in the case of Breakfast in Asheville, here you go. Studies show that people who skip breakfast are four...

We usually don’t start our “Best Of Asheville” with facts, but in the case of Breakfast in Asheville, here you go.

Studies show that people who skip breakfast are four times more likely to become obese than those who regularly eat the morning meal. Besides better health, breakfast eaters routinely report having better moods than those in the same study who skipped breakfast. Just another reason to start the day with a great breakfast and cup of coffee in Asheville.

So in the spirit of a healthy start to the day, and some great breakfasts even if they are not healthy, here are our picks for the best place to start you day. These are all great, so they are in alphabetical order to keep it real:

Early Girl Eatery –

It’s Bright, Colorful and Really Good

Early Girl Eatery

Just like the headline says, the Early Girl Eatery is really good ad on the cutting edge of Asheville’s farm-to-table cuisine and you can taste the delightful results. This is made from scratch Appalachian fare at it’s best. Be advised to enjoy this great Asheville breakfast you may end up waiting in line, but it’s worth it.

The menu changes periodically with the seasons, while the specials change daily. They believe local food tastes better and sustains a healthy community.. Made from scratch is their motto at the Early Girl, and our recipes reflect our background in southern cooking as well as our vast experience with vegetarian fare. They also have great friendly service too.

Food at Early Girl

Early Girl Eatery offers southern an inspired breakfast to please all tastes whether you are a ham and eggs guy or a Vegan. You’ll find the menu is a moving target with lots of specials, all the more reason to go often. Some of our favorites are locally made sausage and sweet potato scramble, the shrimp and grits are a home run, porky breakfast bowl is great and omelets are good too. The biscuits and jams are like a breakfast desert, like you’ll need that after all the food?

Besides the good food, the place has a warmth and charm you’ll feel right away. The dining room overlooks the park easily enjoyed through some tall windows, and there is artwork on the walls to enjoy as well. You will also notice little touches like real fresh flowers, sugar shakers and cool jam pots at your table. You will discover Early Girl Eatery at 8 Wall St. 828-259-9292 or

Sunny Point Cafe -

Breakfast & Beyond: Comfort Food from Dawn to Dark.

Sunny Point Café

This place is so good the owner wrote a book on cooking breakfast, and beyond. But for us, it’s all about the morning glory.

This colorful, cheerful hip haven is not only one of the best places for a creative Asheville breakfast, but one of the best restaurants in Asheville period. It’s no wonder this place seems to win every best breakfast and best of Asheville.

Food at Sunny Point Café

Where do we start, a breakfast salad? This unusual dish comes piled high with organic field greens with maple Dijon vinaigrette, topped with an egg, maple-black pepper bacon, tomatoes, and roasted potatoes. Of course it comes with the biggest and baddest biscuits in town.

How about the best huevos rancheros you will find east of California? Served with black-bean cakes served with local chorizo, feta cheese, roasted-tomatillo salsa and herbed redskin spuds, two fresh, local of course eggs, cilantro crema and tortilla strips?

Food at Sunny Point Café

Shall we go on, sure, why not. Best Granola you’ll ever have, free-range pork sausage, cornmeal pancakes, eggs and crabmeat, fried grit patties, homemade hot sauces and once again, don’t forget the black pepper bacon. Oh, and if you are around for lunch (it’s great too) have a “Mighty Good Chicken Sandwich”.

You can probably tell we like this place, a lot. It’s busy, crowded, not great parking, but trust us, you’ll soon forget about all that. You can sum it up by saying this place is “deliciously creative”

Find Sunny Point Café at 626 Haywood Road (West Asheville) (828) 252-0055 –

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